Challenge Of Taking Chances

Taking chances in life, it is being done constantly
by everyone living.

Waking up in the morning is taking a chance that your
day will be filled with goodness or perhaps evil.

Changing our minds gives us the option to make another
choice, hopefully it will bring better results.

No one can ever know unless they take a chance, so
just let your minds go, having fun with the challenges
in your life whatever they may be.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

Comments (12)

Boys, be straight turn off the TV don't sit giggling foolishly listen to your big mama go do your homework or i will whip your black ass and you will plead and cry - mama, please, no mama...
With a nice style the poet has put his point hard. Humorous.Thanks for sharing.
Beautiful poem with humor huntingly depicted. Thanks and congratulations for POD.
Nicely put forth. A sensible way to correct a wrong perception. Thanks, Lucille.
I feel it was so thoughtful and humor of her to give children this admonition........very well crafted.......thanks for sharing
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