Adolf Hitler

He had the dream,
to hear the screams,
of a million aching men.
He sold himself with rhetoric,
and the nightmare soon began.

Hypnotized and blind to lies,
a people showed no pity.
Captured towns and vandalized,
a thousand helpless cities.
Tortured, gassed and served starvation,
to a gentle peaceful nation.
And the whole world stared as if not to care,
with not one thought of aggravation.

Brought every human into war,
every single nation.
brothers lost.
The torture to the sister.

All because the madness of the wicked,
Adolf Hitler.

by Ken Bennight

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Yo why i hear jews screaming. sometimes it just do be like that
Is good
Heil Hitler. .
My Hitler Poem: He blamed the Jews, for stopping the pews, so he called them mules, and burned them for his muse.
The world's indifference, even today, is chilling. Great poem.
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