(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Adopted As A Part Of Life

If what is there,
Has made its presence felt...
With it adopted to adapt as a part of life,
Have so many begun,
Abandoning their kept realities...
To insist with recent persistence,
A need for more police...
To protect them from those,
Declaring their rights to bear arms?
Shouldn't they declare their minds,
Are not wrapped too tight?

'Dear God,
I know You are there.
Because there are churches everywhere.
Is it possible YOU can help these folks,
Use their minds for the purpose to make sense?
OR maybe YOU can convince them,
A using of the mind is not an offense? '

But yet,
Those who are seeking such protection...
Oppose those using guns,
To remind them...
Of wishes to keep their entitlements intact.
Although with more peace wished,
To be witnessed.
And less violent acts...
Beginning to attract with closer steps,
To their doors, businesses, and other places...
Where they entertain the notion,
What they've set into motion are folks...
Ready and prepared to relieve themselves,
Of mental disorders of all kinds.
And this is not imagined but actual facts.

And then, they do, expect the police,
To appear instantly like mind readers...
Whenever someone 'cracks' unexpectedly.
To then blame police, politicians and anyone else...
For entitlements they have demanded,
But can not find them effective enough...
To identify those amongst themselves,
Who will be next to be labelled crazed.
As if the balls they have,
Should be made of crystal.

'Dear God,
Is it possible YOU can help these folks,
Use their minds for the purpose to make sense?
Or at least show them evidence,
Who the fools really are?
With a giving out names and addresses.'

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