DL (2/3/87 / Middlesbrough)

Adorned In Temperance

Virtue lies within Joyful participation, a duty, a willingness to play.
Dance light hearted, celebrate Time in her essence, celebrate the day.
Dance seen, unseen, dance to turn the world.
A collective of pixies entices you to chance,
To join the herd in procession.
We alone hold the key to pleasures unseen,
Make a game of the day for it is sour eyes that
Stretch time beyond the Pendulum Mans swaying.
Their songs they sing as they bring in the harvest of tangible harmony.

Do you believe in life eternal
Beyond the torrent of Death
In her ever present raging,
Can you perceive a soul an
Eternity old, beyond the cycle
Of aging.

Born of Loss, friendly expanses move in the mimic of mimed trance.
Corn Mother, born lover, phantonwise she haunts the skies a wraith
Adorned in temperance. Never again to be seen by waking eyes she waits
For you beyond the mirror tarnished.

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