Poem By Savannah Moe

Flying as far as I can
For as long as I can
Adrenaline rush
Feeling the wind against my face
Feeling the wind under my body
It's over
I ran out of time
I hit the ground
But I'm not hurt
But i wish i was
I need more
More adrenaline
What else can i do
I need something else
Something that lasts longer
I need it
I need him

The water underneath me
The wind in my face
Flying in the sky
Mountians all around me
Sky above me
People watching me
I'm planning something
'Pull the string. Pull the string.'
I tell myself
I dropped
I'm falling again
Blood flowing
Faster and faster
Throughout my body
People screaming
911 I hear
Sounds getting fainter
I'm getting closer and closer
To the treacherous waters below
Covered in water
Coldness covers me
Hearing faint screams
Faint yells
Darkness surronding me
Something rasping against my body
It stopped
Back again
I let out a screech
Something grabbing me
I open my eyes to see what it is
It's him
No more imaging him
He's here with me
Holding me
Keeping me sane
Keeping me safe from the gloomy waters
Pulling me out of my death bed
Warming me
Now I can finally breathe
I can breathe safely now
No more emptiness
No more grief
'How long will he stay? '
I ask myself
'Is this what makes you happy? ! '
He finally breaks the silence
'Jumping out of planes! Jumping off from parasailing? ! '
He yells
'No! It doesn't make me happy! It subsides the pain of not having you! Not seeing you! Not hearing you! Not being with you! It creates numbness! ! '
'How long will you keep doing this to yourself? ! '
'I don't know! How long 'till you come back in my life? '
'Well, if it makes you happy, and keeps you safe...forever'
And at that moment
I was complelty and utterly happy
The sadness is over
He's here
And that's all that matters

Comments about Adrenaline

Wow! Amazing...! It makes me speechless. Crazy good.
that was an awesome poem. it makes me think about when im away from my boyfriend and i get this itching feeling in my rib cage so i run 5 miles to try to get it to go away...or i'll do something weird to get my mind off of him. love the poem.
very very nice ending!
a wonderful story and a wonderful poem to go with imagining being in your shoes right now, being with the on ive been longing for.NICE JOB!

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