MT (16/05/33 / Truro, England)

Adrian Henri, Poet.

I was suddenly aware
of a new voice
speaking to me.
The voice of a poet
speaking words
that leaped out
of the page
and made
me listen,
to a story
of love.
Such simple words, .
such a simple story,
such simple poetry, .
but it made the
hairs of my neck
stand up
as if to applaud
the words that he
His visual
Was electric,
The air around him
Was alive
With static.

He is no longer
With us,
but when I read
his poetry
I can share with him
The joy
of his imagination
and his words
that tell of the world
he loved..

by Mike Tonkin

Comments (2)

lovely easy read and interesting
Adrian Henri, one of my fav poets, you are quite right many of his poems are so so simple, a master of his craft, I had the same thoughts when I first read Brian Patten friend and fellow Liverpudlian of Adrian Henri, if you don't know it check out Pattens Angel's Wings. Enjoyed the poem smiffy