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Adrift On Butterfly Wings..
(09/1965 / Australia)

Adrift On Butterfly Wings..

Oh, please give to me my sweet butterfly
A kiss to me upon your gossamer wings
And carry me far away to foreign lands
To realms of exotic and beautiful things

Lift me up and away from this indigo dream
Make haste and fly higher into the sky
Led by the light of sunsets, tomorrow awaits
Where you and I may have a chance to fly

This life seems to no longer holds the joys
It's time to leave it all behind me
The cherished heart is barren still
No warmth to sow the seeds from history

So, save me from this cold winter's frost
For I've no strength of my own to fly
Take me on your gilded velvet wing
And bring some fluttering magic to my eye

My soul seeks shelter from this forever rain
Make light a journey into the breeze
And carry me, forward and onward bound
Far across the glistening wayward seas

Deliver me to the rainbow painted skies
A palace steeped with love and peace
Where I can summon the faith I need
My burdened heart I seek to ease

Wrap me up in your golden hues
Tucked warm against your breast
Shielded from this bitter world
So my weary soul may rest

Oh, let me slumber here for a while
On a quilt of sunswept summer dreams
Floating gently on a faraway ivory cloud
Adrift and afloat on your butterfly wings esteem

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