Adrift Woman

Existing mountain filled with tea plantation
Pluck tea bud by women workers
She was thin and she's skin turned to black from sun rays
Nevertheless, she dedicated service daily

One day she came with her little baby
Whilst on crying her baby, she gave breast to feed for baby
Stopped cry by baby she gave a kiss to baby and kept near to her
up to sun is go down She worked hard

Another day when the time she worked on the tea yard
Came her husband for asking money
He drunk local arrack every day and night
But she gave all money to father

She was cried but somebody did not see
Although she's teardrops it dried by sun rays at the noon
Also she's was in pain, that was not clear
However, her whole life spent for family

by inguruwattadewage pushpadewa

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A nice poetic imagination, inguruwatta. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks.