Adult Adhd

Adult ADHD
has gotten me
too much TV
can't you see?

by Chuck Audette Click to read full poem

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Hahaha! I am giving into it! But at my age feel no guilt! Just a privileged and bore amenity! Enjoyed your poem of the day too. Reminded me of that famous movie. Too bad name slipped from mind!
I have similar problems, but its with my iphone...
Hey Chuck! This is a hilarious poem. Now you have to do one about ADD (without the H) . Good to hear from you, buddy. Your comments inspired me many a time.
I see you've already got 17 comments for this, obviously because everyone identifies with it, including me, so let's make it 18!
ha ha... I think we all suffer from this at some time or another.... (or some of us have it terminally - LOL!) Brill! HG: -) xx
I'm always trying to remember that 'great' poem I forgot.........
Great poem, The devil finds work for idle hands they say.....Lucky for us we now have this amazing poem to read, Thanks for sharing Charles. '10' Funny work. Best wishes Jon
hahaha damn it, we suffer from the same issue! ! Lol oh well, atleast your always finding something new to do...funny poem, great job man.
A light-hearted look at a serious subject. Ever thought of trying stand up? love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
And that's how I found my nickname: 'The Queen of Procrastination'!
And that's how I found my nickname: 'The Queen of Procrastination'!
This is a great poem and... HEY! Let's go ride our bikes! ! I suffer too. But at least I'm not bored. lol Lee
Concur with all of the above! ! think I must have adult adhd too! Great poem here! HG: -)
Many will identify with this...including yours truly :) But...just how DO we break the infernal mould? I think that's what I meant... Keep taking the pills :) Jack
Yep....guilty as charged.
Chuck, I enjoyed this one a lot. You have I think a terrific sense of humour. P.S...I've often been there myself (easily distracted) . Hugs Dee
I don't know why this is so low-rated; I think it's good. I can relate as I think it may be my problem (reading lots on subject for some time) . Humorous take on a not-fun disorder (cursed genes!) , and what is life without humor re: affliction? Thanks!
Its a thing not realised by many people - it is a sensitive poem...............willow
Dear Charles First of all thankyou for kind words about: Not Just A Man, A Just Man they were much appreciated. Your poem speeks to me about trying to get an order to things, life, thoughts etc.. Very Well Written. Love Duncan
I so can relate, know where ya coming from, hmmm....what?