The Ring (Cinquain)

Two rings
With this ring
Rings tie us together

by Ronald Chapman

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great poem madam; companion is a must in the second half of life; great feelings; great poem
Mine is the opposite, after a day's work in the laboratory hospital processing specimens I tend to seek refuge among children. Their innocence give me spark to get into life, and their company washes away my boredom and stress. Either way, human company young or adult excite our existence and gives meaning to living1. Wonderful poem, top mark.
Yes - I can imagine you would welcome a change of environment after being with children all week. Not that they're not great companions, but sometimes you just need to communicate with another adult, preferably of the opposite sex! Though you may be a teacher, you're also a woman. Nicely written, Ana! Linda :)
An engaging piece indeed. t
it is to do what you don't have to and feel comfortable with. i do seek one too. a heartfelt poem and lovely once again.
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