(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)


No one these perplexing days,
Should have the time to find to whine.
Or undermine to demean.
With a passing of judgement on others.
And done to do,
To depend upon someone...
Who listens as if,
They are not enabling excuses made...
By another who displays,
Insecurities they can not face to admit.
Nor honest with themselves to correct.
Or at least make attempts to fix.
Done with a listening to do,
Prioritizing their time given to criticize,
Others minding their own business.
Without this to realize,
They have become too pre-occupied...
Avoiding to accept,
Folks who have grown up to mature...
Will seldom continue to endure,
Or pretend to tolerate...
Adults incapable of leaving their childhoods,

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