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Beachy Sand
RT (06.09.1973 / India)

Beachy Sand

I am beachy sand,
ground down mountain dust,

washed here by wet rain
to edge-bound shores

where I can feel the footprints
of millions who

come to me
for solace
walking my shores,

making love,

I am beachy sand-
my granules
are a million years old-
and I rest just below
your sandaled feet;

mute and warm
blanketed in summer heat.

I am warmth
that reassures you
that nature and you
still meet.

Lie down here;
I am here
with you.
We are both
Children of the Stars.


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Comments (3)

good one. It is so nice to be human And not god.
You sketched out human mind exactly. Very nice work. If something happened beyond our expectations, we do blame God. Whenever we do some sin, we will ask HIS support. I just like it. But could you please tell me the meaning of this line ' Boast about ROM & rosaries...'. Thank you
hi raj. i read your poem.it is so beautifull.i have a poem with name(tabu) please read it.i think you can bear that.god willing!