RT (06.09.1973 / India)

Advantages [make Your Choice]

When we are just human
And not gods

We can
Justify our mistakes
And repeat them.
Buy candles and through
Confessions purify our souls.
Cry for the dead and
Cry for those who we wish to see dead.
Forget our promises
And supper prayers.
Swear on god and live in lies
Boast about ROM and rosaries.
Place copies of bible
Wherever eyes reach
And never soil a print
Play jackpot
And fraud with charity funds.
And more

It is so nice to be human
And not god.

by Raj Thampi

Comments (3)

good one. It is so nice to be human And not god.
You sketched out human mind exactly. Very nice work. If something happened beyond our expectations, we do blame God. Whenever we do some sin, we will ask HIS support. I just like it. But could you please tell me the meaning of this line ' Boast about ROM & rosaries...'. Thank you
hi raj. i read your poem.it is so beautifull.i have a poem with name(tabu) please read it.i think you can bear that.god willing!