(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Advantages Of Humility

A rise wished to the top,
To have that bubble pop.
And disappear from sight,
By a higher flying kite.
Held tightly with firm hands,
By someone standing...
With both feet on solid ground.
If the doing of this is understood,
Be a lesson to investigate...
The advantages of humility.

Valleys sustain a light not as bright
Compared to mountain peaks reached.
And those who have climbed,
To the heights of summits...
Have done this,
On faith not to fake it.
Or from their mouths heard egos,
Boasting to leak.

Too many become transfixed quickly,
By thoughts of receiving...
Praise, adulation and false flattery,
To get.
And too few actually love,
What they do.
To have what's done speak for itself.
Prepared to be critiqued.
And closely examined.

Those who float to coast on the backs
Of bubble makers,
Filling up their egos with hot air...
Seldom notice or come to recognize,
That a kite flying high...
Is held onto from the ground.
Takes more than a boasting ego,
To keep it lifted 'and' navigated...
Through changing winds.
And rough terrain!

Many have their eyes on the prize.
And not on humility to achieve.
To keep,
As one's greatest accomplishment.
Even those who believe themselves,
To be successful...
Get less respect than those,
Proving they've maintained integrity!

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