Join Me In Suicide

Where the sun sets and the moon rises,
I will meet you there at night fall
To create pandemonium one last time
But tonight will never be forgotten

For tonight we seal our deaths,
Together eternally we will be free
We climb the mountain and enter the forest
To find a place where the moon shines brightly

We leave an enthralling elegy for our loved ones
Say our goodbyes to all we will not miss
Brace ourselves for what’s about to come
We join hands and take the leap of faith…

by Allyson Gordon

Comments (4)

The word 'please' omitted from the eighth line of final verse. Unfortunate: -(
Read this for the 1st time when I at about 15 years old. I've never forgotten it so I suppose it made an impression :) Absolutely one of my favourite poems of all time.
Read this poem a lietime and you will never understand the imagery to make the poem come to life you need trodded on the clay and looked oer the hills with unassuming eyes filled with wonder with the awe of a child looking through heaven's gable.
Are there any Patrick Kavanagh Poems /Prose on audio books or cds?