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Adventure Of The Cow
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Adventure Of The Cow

Poem By Adam F. Misterka

It say, some eager cow jump over moon
looking: Wasn't any grass there,
jump to Venus without stop,
that place was hot:
continued to Mercury
turn back in the hurry when close to heat
to beat it, make gigantic hop in flash
over the Earth to Mars.
There find the stones instead grass:
This is silly say to herself,
I'm not going try Jupiter
too many stones to enter . . .
I see, there is no better place like Earth
plenty grass, and for rest nice berth.
Promptly jump over the moon once more
to land on Earth on the hungry rash
always full of life and grass.
The other cows say: You fail my dear!
The reply: there is nothing around like Earth
up there . . .

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