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DK (honestly why would i tell you? / does it matter?)


Sometimes it's the trial that makes us grow
The hard times when I really know
It's when time keeps us apart
That I know I'm in your heart
Every time we don't talk for awhile
I have the biggest smile
Because talking again is the sweetest relief
My consolation before He returns like a thief
It's when our relationship whatever it may be
Is tested by time and distance... that's when it's real to me
The longer we're apart the more I want you
The farther we're apart the more I feel you
I'm not sure if this is love, but I know no other
Not sure if this is love or just a cover
But when adversity attacks- that's when my love grows strong
That's when I know this will last long
Adversity makes our love, last a lifetime.

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What you say is very true; distance and adversity tests the strength of a relationship. However, what's even more pleasurable is how you express this idea in a very sweet and adorned way.