DK ( / Tashkent - Uzbekistan)

- Adversity Of Arbitrary Killing Of Innocence -

The seed has been planted
Inside the earth the seed will grow
At the instance of the sow
The spirit has been awaken
And life has been granted
Another soul to enter into this world of adversity

With lack of water
And lack of the sun rays of light
Will the seed develop
Will the seed sprout

And after the nine harsh months
Into this world the flower came
Only to be picked by apathy
And thrown away two blocks away

With no guilt nor sense of fear
With colors bright and scent so sweet
No sins committed
An altruistic soul and mind

Witnessing death before the taste of life
Seeing the dark instead of light
Creation of life
Sparked the match that lit the candle of decay

by Dmitriy Kokarev

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