(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Advertisers (Marketing The Craze)

Getting more dramatic,
Are the distractions.
With colorful smoke.
Videotaped to capture,
The aftermath of bomb blasts.
As serious issues and truth,
Become diluted with the use...
Of rap music and laugh tracks,
To diffuse solutions.
While the horrible news,
Produced by TV networks...
Hope advertisers,
And higher ratings will come...
As proof of their achievement,
In fusing together,
All demographics.
With visuals, graphics.
And rhythms to give...
That urgent urban accessibility
More than ever...
No one dares to ignore,
Marketing the craze!

'I have one more idea.
The kids will love.
While we film the chaos.
Two college students,
Wearing swimsuits...
Appear as if,
Coming from the beach...
To stop gang members fighting.
By offering them slices,
Of pizza.'

You are a genius.-

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