(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)


If someone known,
Has made up their mind...
On rumors and judgements,
Others pass...
Disaster is not too far away.

Stay out of the business of others!
Druthers of others,
Should not be solicited.

Sleep nights peacefully.
Without tossing to turn,
With this attempted to ignore.
Sleep nights peacefully.
With it known you can not be accused,
Or be used to have it claimed...
Advice you gave to be given,
Had nothing to do...
To destroy a friend or a relationship.

'You don't know them like I do.
That's why I offer to them advice they can use.'

~I know.
And what you say may be true.
But if I were you and I am not,
I would pretend the minding of my own business...
Had more value to keep,
To know if my friends temporarily don't speak...
Will eventually.
With it known my peaceful sleep to get,
Never becomes disturbed by something I said...
Taken out of context,
To put inside someone else's head.~

'You don't know them like I do.'

~That's true I don't.
And I don't want to.~

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