Poem By madeline morris

Take a step in one direction,
Listen, consider, make the connection.
Choose your path and walk it,
Hear a language, talk it.
Let your own moods take you,
Don't let your sorrows break you.
Let your own heart let you,
Let your own hand feed you.
Journey to your promised land,
Forget the hourglass and the sand.
If you must take that risk,
Your walk outside may be brisk.
Make your own decisions,
Collect and store your own provisions.
Take time out to appreciate,
On your own terns, negotiate.
To exist is a gift in it's own right,
Live for the day and for the night.
Peer into the deep ocean,
Realise life is always in motion.
Breath every breathe with appreciation,
Try not to ever suffer depravation.
Those who you love hold close to your heart,
Then you will know love when your apart.

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The rhythm here is good, but I feel like I should be reading this off a hallmark card.

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