(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Advice And Suggestion

The odds are likely you will survive.
If you begin to start living your life.
And stop following others,
Telling you...
How you should live.
What it is you should do.
And at what time of the day.
They are not paying a bill you pay.
Feeling a pain you feel.
Or accept the fact,
You have two feet and a mind to use,
They need to be told where to go.
And 'you'?
You need to find the courage not to ask,
Where they are going.
How will they dress.
And leave you with directions.
Just to keep if you decide,
To change your mind about finding,
Your own path to walk alone on it!

Especially if this advice and suggestion made,
Comes from the mouth of a TV personality.
Followed by a glam squad and a camera crew,
As if braving steps through a remote jungle.
Showing how folks can survive on berries picked.
And coconuts thrown to them by monkeys,
Obviously trained to perform on command.

That's an entirely different 'reality'.
Those who are paid to live that they can afford.

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