(June 16th,1971 / Hull, Quebec, Canada)

Advice For A Poet

I was asked for advice
from a young poet

“Any advice for an aspiring poet? ”
she asked
“How do I find success? ”

I informed her that the formula
was simple
in explanation
difficult in practice:

Go out and live life - real life.
Drink and smoke too much.
Stand up to be counted
for whatever you believe in
and willingly suffer the consequences of doing so.

Take a few punches and give a few back.
Get a few bloody noses - a few fat lips.
Laugh at death and spit in its face.
Seek out and attempt to understand
both the tragedy and joy of the human experience.
Allow yourself to experience both wild excess
and crippling restraint
and learn and grow from both.

Do this,
or you'll never write anything but shit
that is completely without worth to anyone.
And, if you don't write shit
- if you manage to write magic -
it matters little if you ever find 'success' or not.

Value is not gauged by such things.

(©MMVIII Derek R. Audette)

by Derek R. Audette

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Interesting lesson. Thanks for sharing!