Advice For Koi

A perfect prison – no escape! I mean…

So, do your best around the curved walls;
Dark boulders with malevolent spaces,
And slick skin of brown fur silt.

Tolerate the melancholic drone
Of the unseen pump driving your fluids,
And the eternal cascade
Punching froth between the summer ferns.

Accept that those glories beyond
Are unattainable in this life,
The Greek urns, gods that look down,
With their pale saw, bromeliad hair.
The blood-veined fan of paradise bird.
The umbrella shade of fat green
Philodendron, oak and feathered pine.

Swim dreamily with nonchalant grace,
Unblinking, appear interested,
Not pushy as you explore secret shade
Where mint-scented leaves Jab your glass ceiling.

Do nothing to attract attention.

Use this one big bathroom with discretion.

Await each day’s one electric moment
When innocent, flat-eyed, you shudder
As pellets smelling of heaven
Rain on you like blessed hail.

by Graham Burchell

Comments (2)

Having just submitted my poem mentioning koi (Walled Garden) and meanwhile read your Gathering of the Clans and commented, I am delighted to see this previous poem of yours about Koi! I love the darkness under your skin but suspect you enjoy the reality of Things as well.... Linda
i thoroughly enjoyed this piece. so is it a serious poem disguised as a humourous one? or vice-versa? Jake