You Lost Me

i have been waiting for this moment all my life
when you look direct to my eyes
and try to find the perfect apolagize

when you ask me to forgive
but i cant because i cant forget

forget what you have done to me
forget what i lost because of you
forget that you made me lose the key
that would make me go on after what i have been going threw

i have been hurt enough
to know that life is tough

you could give me flowers
and think about me for hours

but nothing could make me forget that i lived this tough life alone

it is too late
that my love to you turned into hate
it is too late
that the end of love is our fate

now you would understand that the stars are nearer to you than my heart

now you would understand that you lost me and you lost me forever

by lara arnaout

Comments (2)

Having just submitted my poem mentioning koi (Walled Garden) and meanwhile read your Gathering of the Clans and commented, I am delighted to see this previous poem of yours about Koi! I love the darkness under your skin but suspect you enjoy the reality of Things as well.... Linda
i thoroughly enjoyed this piece. so is it a serious poem disguised as a humourous one? or vice-versa? Jake