(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Advice Given

With the freedom of them given,
To people to choose and pick...
From an array of choices,
They decide to select...
Or ignore the doing of it,
Are often heard to be the ones...
Accusing others for what they've done.
With a blaming to defame those they claim,
Had been the reason for their unhappiness.
And dissatisfying lives beset by disappointments.

'Are you still complaining,
With attempts to place blame to name...
Your parents and siblings and childhood miseries,
On their backs to voice your vicious attacks?
When are you going to get over that? '

~You don't understand what I had to go through,
To get to where I am.~

'Where are you?
And just how old are you? '

~That has nothing to do with it.
They knew I had troubles needing to be fixed.
They could have prevented my unhappiness.~

'But you told me yourself,
You made choices to make your own decisions.
Here, take this.'

~What is it? ~

'A box of tissue.
It will dry your sobs but not solve your troubles.
What I suggest you do and you may refuse,
Is to make an appointment with a psychiatrist.'

~I did.
But like the others the advice I was given,
Was not quite what I wanted to hear.~

'What advice given to you did you dislike? '

~I was told I should learn to mind my own business.
And I would find why my problems exist.~

Take another box of tissue.
Since listening isn't what you are going to do.'

~You don't know me to know what I am going to do.~

'I know I'm not going to be a part of your act.
And you can consider that a fact,
When you leave taking with you that box of tissue.'

~You are inconsiderate and insensitive.~

'I know.
And I thank you for helping me make,
Staying distant from your issues...
One of the easiest choices I don't have to fake.
Or have you believe I'm going to feel apologetic.
With allowing your actions ruin my day.
Take this with you too.'

~What is it? ~

'A cup of coffee.
Sniff it.
I'm tired of you trying with me to pour tea.'

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