Advice To A Grand Daughter

Poem By Bill Scovell

Poetic advice to a grand daughter torn between taking an unpaid job on a newspaper in Vladivostok and the alternative, a position with the Australian merchant bank 'Macquarie'

Faberge eggs and samovars,
Troika carts and Romanov Tsars,
Beetroot Borscht and a Lemon Tea,
Now, is this country right for thee?
Led by P.M. 'Vladie' Putin,
Just a clone of old Rasputin,
View such interest from afar,
Hitch your dreams to the 'Mac' bank star.

Comments about Advice To A Grand Daughter

I love it! Maybe she willl be lucky and Mac Bank will open an office in Vladivostok :)
I get your point. But, the young are fearless you know. They are ruled by the heart, not the head. They sometimes pursue dreams that we, who had been there, don't want them to follow. Excellent poem!

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