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:) Advice To A Poet On Witness Of His Attempted Murder*

Rainer Maria Rilke gives good advice:
'... go into the depths in which your life takes rise
there you will find the answer to the question if you MUST create.'
You have received bad counsel
From the wolf pack that assembled to kill your spark.
I felt your poem's great beauty.
It took me with you to another place.
They killed you with their damned technique.
Use Rilke's dictum more than ever - Write!
The electronic book has changed it all.
Let consensus have the paper world.
Write and re-write until you know it says what you mean to say.

Critiqueing committtees do not write a poem,
Thank God Jefferson was a committee of one.
The power of their 'inalienable' process not denied.

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Your compassion becomes you. By our words we live. By our words we also survive. As always, Sandra
ummm...i like the line 'Critiqueing committtees do not write a poem'. good poem, thank good jefferson was a lot of stuff and not a lot of stuff too! !