Advice To A Son

Never trust a white man,
Never kill a Jew,
Never sign a contract,
Never rent a pew.

by Ernest Hemingway Click to read full poem

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I’ve got it, but have one question A drop of color – white is lack, And blood improve by adding blue; And never ever fire back, If I have got a shot from Jew. And never write to internet, All deeply sink in global net; And I can sleep in prickly straw, If lie on smooth and lovely squaw. The moment comes, I need Advice, And You have mention “marry” twice! I had some, and my bride has too, So doubt that my number two, And force her promise - no more, Ask how many was before, So tell me reasons, starting score, When people name girl a whore.
Never trust a publisher, Or you will sleep on straw This advice must be for poets etc. Lead a clean and wholesome life And join your friends in the sky Nice advice to humanity in general.
Never trust a publisher, Or you'll sleep on straw... HAHA
I love this piece. Thanks for sharing
This is wisdom in a few simple stanzas... worthy of any son. Superb piece of work by this classical great!
Born on the same day and month as me, and his suicide was painless all could see. If he was just a little bit like me, I know he was, every thing I've ever done, I did like today was my last day on this earth. Rutting like a stag and drinking like a sailor, catching fish that over whelmed me, coming back to read a writer that I helped along this way. So I could join you in the sky to hear a trumpets low but distant sound.. iip
A simple piece of advice.
These pearls of wisdom are based on the poet's experience. So, he would obviously like his son to follow them in letter and spirit. Nice work.
A nice piece of poetry. Enjoyed.
A very good and helpful piece of advice.
Wisdom packed advice; Thank you for sharing!
short and full of life lessons...
This poem showd the poet's real high morality....What a pretty poem!
Never pay a blackmailer! Thanks for sharing.
Judging by this poem, I am glad E. Himingway wrote prose, good prose too, and some memorable fiction. AM
Exquisite! The greatest advice ever!
Good advice from a good father...
It's poem for run but not to be a good son. This poem gives a chance to think about you and your family, relatives, and friends, it's good.
Some say Hemingway wrote this to his son in an attempt to give him some insight and truth about the harsh realities of life. Maybe so. But I have read that his Mother was a controlling, stiff-necked, stuffy woman who tried to direct her son's choices even after he was a journalist over in Spain. I read this and see some good advice followed promptly by an embarrassing Motherly advice to use paper on the toilet so you don't pick up bugs and germs... I just can't picture Hemingway saying this to his son in between shooting charging elephants and lions....I can picture him advising his son to Never write for magazines based on his personal career experiences- - but Never scratch your hives? again that is what a Mother says often over and over again.... Looking at the entirety of this poem, I'd say some of the advice was Fatherly but I think he had a lot of bitterness towards the peck-peck-pecking advice of his Mother that underscored this piece.
Nice advice.........................