(84-54 BC / Verona, Gaul)

Advice: To Himself

Sad Catullus, stop playing the fool,
and let what you know leads you to ruin, end.
Once, bright days shone for you,
when you came often drawn to the girl
loved as no other will be loved by you.
Then there were many pleasures with her,
that you wished, and the girl not unwilling,
truly the bright days shone for you.
And now she no longer wants you: and you
weak man, be unwilling to chase what flees,
or live in misery: be strong-minded, stand firm.
Goodbye girl, now Catullus is firm,
he doesn’t search for you, won’t ask unwillingly.
But you’ll grieve, when nobody asks.
Woe to you, wicked girl, what life’s left for you?
Who’ll submit to you now? Who’ll see your beauty?
Who now will you love? Whose will they say you’ll be?
Who will you kiss? Whose lips will you bite?
But you, Catullus, be resolved to be firm.

by Gaius Valerius Catullus

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We've all been there! Intensely relatable and readable.
Such a great poem worth reading....: .
Who now will you love? . Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
A great poem of the ancient age, well interpreted to the modern mind. Thanks poet.
Catullus was a latin poet whose full name is Gaius Valerious Catullas. His poem are interesting and haunting. Thanks and congratulations to his soul for being selected this poem as the poem of the day.
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