(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Advocates Of Division

Advocates of division.
No matter where they sit.
On either side of the fence.
Buying into this nonsense.
May seem to be winning a battle.
But even David brought Goliath down.
With faith and just a stick.
Clenched tightly within his bare fist.

Advocates of division.
Using baseless facts as a means to attack.
Those of color to victimize.
With a fading diminished state of mind.
Found and finding their reality minimized.
Are still convincingly followed.
By those dumbed down seeking acceptance.
Approval, equality and respect.
For whatever the reason they too are divided.
Unable to prove,
What they expect from others.
They can not do amongst themselves.
Advocating not only division.
But also tension intended.
As if taught this to offend.

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