(1759-1796 / Ayrshire / Scotland)

What Is Left Of Me

I don’t know what to think anymore
Rather be dead I feel so use and so sore
Suffocating will be best
Or just slit my throat and let my body do the rest

Why do love got to hurt
Wish I was dead covered in dirt
Never thought this was going to happen again
The way things are don’t have anymore life to mend

It all come down to this
It’s you that I’ll surely miss
Happy days gone by
Many night’s alone sit here and cry

Laying on my back looking up at the sky
All I can do is nothing other than wondering why
Life is such a mystery
Life was so sweet now just an endless misery

Looking at your picture here
Still wishing I would be there
Why do love got to hurt
I guess I wouldn’t find out soon I’ll be all covered in dirt

Cutting out what is said and done
Lost the hope withering life stains in the sun
Captured the hand that feed
Take a knife cut out what is left of me

Can’t talk mouth fill with blood
Sitting here waiting for the flood
God I think am going crazy all these thought’s in my head
If I could I would have take back what I’ve said

Took this moment to breathe
With what is left of me…………..

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The Scottish spelling only adds to the charm of this love poem by the great Robert Burns! Aptly chosen as Poem of the Day.
Fantastic love song depicting joy on finding ones love and sense of jubilation that follows and acute pain over severing relations with that love and parting for ever. A great classic and well deserved classic poem of the day.
Beautifully articulated. Thanks for sharing Kingsley Egbukole
Love can be a crown or crucifix as evidenced by the words of Burns, the poet. Profound. : -)
Farewell with a fond kiss does not end real eternal love says the poet! It's an expression true passion of love sure!
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