Aegir: Norse God Of The Sea

I am Aegir, Lord God of the Sea,
Husband of Ran, goddess of storms.
I have dominion over all the oceans
And all the waters of the Earth.
My nine daughters move the waves
At my behest. The winds of the world
Blow as I command, gale force nine
To hurricane or gentle breeze
According to my whim. Within its walls
On the ocean bed my great hall holds
All the treasures of the seas, garnered
From every sunken ship or wreck
That ever was or ever yet will be.
Gold, silver, shell of abalone, mother-of-pearl,
Jewels, chalices, drinking cups and porcelain,
Fine wines and honeyed mead
All stored within its glimmering walls.
Come taste my fabled hospitality,
I brew the finest ale that ever foamed
On land or in the sea. Come feast, eat, drink
And merry be, enjoy my hospitality,
Let your ears ring with the siren songs
Of the seals and whales and be beguiled
By the mermaids’ tales of the watery world
And the enchantment of Atlantis.

I’m a moody god at the best of times
And I like to see my kingdom filled with people.
At the least excuse my good spouse, Ran,
Will whip up a storm and the girls will call
Up a giant wave to founder and swamp
The soundest ship afloat. Then Ran and I
Will powerfully swim with our magic nets,
By Loki blessed, to gather in drowned men
With which to fill my kingdom’s caverns,
Under the sea, yet I’ll have you know
That in my wide hall on the ocean’s bed
Below, there’s always room for more.

by Pete Crowther

Comments (5)

What a lovely description! A great write! Thanks.
Very alluring. How pleasant to escape the callous objectivity of the evening news to ride the waves of a simpler and more hospitable realm.
So you are an expert in Norse mythology plus that of Egypt :) What other treasures are garnered in your mind? A nice poem. Julia
Wonderful and educational poem, Peter. To read this is to feel pulled down by the sea and introduced to her secrets. One of your best.10 from me. Hugs Anna xxx
All of the power and might and mystery of the sea, all of her hidden treasures and all of the deaths - enclosed in one work! Awsome, Peter.