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Aela The Winner

Aela, who seems so sweet
Eagerly writing from your heart so true
Losing yourself in your thoughts that are never blue
As you look deep within your soul
Making such beauty with your pen
In a way that causes my heart to beat so fast

So sweet yet so strong often alone
Yet not so lonely a lady but yet a strong conqueror
A winner destined for success because life's too short
To just sit and dwell on the pains that have hit
And taken their toll yet with a strength from above

You have taken the wings of a dove so innocent
Yet so brave and soared above them all
Because peace and happiness is a choice that you have chosen
And a way of life that is an inspiration to all

As they begin to look deep within
And take on the role of a warrior
Destined to win the battles of the mind
if all will only look above and will see
Because the Lord is so kind
So Aela, bless us all with your passion so clear
Since you are such a sweet sweet dear

(Written by Lewster, USA, April 5,2008)

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