I Know Something You Don'T Know

I know something you don’t know,
Do you know who she likes,
Did you see her today,
Did you see how she bikes,

I know something you don’t know,
I know who she likes and he is kind,
Yeah I saw her today she is awesome,
She is the best biker in my mind,

I know something you don’t know,
Did you see how she’s dumb,
Did you see how she’s dressed,
I heard she sucks her thumb,

I know something you don’t know,
She is so smart,
She wears cute clothes,
She is not a thumb sucker (oh she got her clothes at K-Mart) ,

She is someone mysterious,
I know,
But when she gives you her friendship,
Your friendship will always stay not go.

by Hannah Unknownnnnnn

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What lies in me like weight of love? What dies in me With utter grief, because there comes no sign Through the sun-raying West, or the dim sea-line? - - - - - -Those are lines that reverberate in the reader's heart. That is certainly how poetry is written.
With long, pale, purple clouds above, well penned
Quivering upon the rippling tide - Sendest so far to one that sigh'd? Bendest thou, Star, Above, where the shadows of the dead have rest And constant silence, with a message from the blest?
Lovely and soothing to the soul.
Such a superb poem by William Allimgham👍👍👍
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