Aeroplane (Haiku)

Poem By Mihaela Pirjol

a metallic fish
in the celestial vault—
illusion of wings

Comments about Aeroplane (Haiku)

Oh Dear! how beautiful is your wonderful world? You are not only writing poetry, but living poetically too, Excellent
illusion of wings ........................ amazing poetic phrase
part 1 / You are one of the few poets who can preserve the poetry of the text in short and long texts as well, same as T S Elliot, here in this haiku in every line we see an analogy that increases the value of your work Aesthetically,
part 2/ I do not know what to write? On the illusion of wings or a metallic fish, or a celestial vault? there are many interpretations of this Haiku if we take the title off, it is so strong, deep and rare topic at the same time. Please accept my sincere thanks and respect 10++ and to my favorites list
part 3 / Here fish reminds us about your poetic environment on the beautiful sea of ​​pathos shore inn the wonderful island, the magic of the sea captures your imagination among its waves, so always you write a beautiful and great poetry

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4,7 out of 5
18 total ratings

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