TTO ( / Washington State)

(((Aesthetically Atheist?)))

You carry yourself so well--
Broad shoulders of almost steel---
Standing tall through it all...
But with a heart that is unable to feel! ;

I often wonder what it is like--
To go through life nearly numb...
To be so apathetic and indifferent...
But with high intelligence-certainly not dumb;

Life in the deep freeze: 'of could care less'--
The robotic movements that carry your day...
A writer, an artist, a Bohemian...
With very clever steps in the games that you play;

Oh, those that you do raise up on a pedestal...
Are chilly, unique and oft' a bit odd---
But perhaps there is a reason for your choice of seasons!
Is it that they also-do not believe in Our God? ;

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