I Am Calling You

I wish to be deep in you,
where language ends and thoughts spiral away.
You stir restless at times in those spaces.
if you listen, you will hear my voice calling you
in a breath you are pulsing in my light and moving with my thoughts
entwined in the low sultry voice that holds for you a deep passion,
the one to melt your heart and burn your soul....
it carries you past the anxious smitten heart
to overcome shyness
and stroke flesh, heated by desire
feeling it quiver with exhilaration
our beings mixed in the heights of paradise
hungrily enchanting one anothers souls.

by Eila Mahima Jaipaul

Comments (2)

Hey, My biggest friend I have just found your snalle piece too much interesting. Your poem is so nice and I hope you have got a very good voice when it comes to the music.
There is so much said in this poem I really enjoyed it. So much to think about. It is also true! ! Thank you for taking time to write it. Thankful Phebe