Poem By Pranav Tripathi

You are love, , my love..
Can't be shared to anyone..
East west north or south...
Words heard always from my mouth

Gain & loss only for a business...
Love & love for a sweetness....
My desire for you like a crazy...
Can't wait a moment ohhh lady...

When my eyes upon you...
Like fat that one's difficult to loose..
The day when I came to you..
Know that college aside shop shoes..
Where we drink a glass of juice...
A black tall men stand in giant guise.
can't waste a moment for any excuse
O lady never ever want you to loose

This Valentine's opportunity is huge..
I want to pay you all my rest dues..
Your eyes ur hair got me confuse..
Surprise that I'm on earth or on tues

My love for you can't be express..
My faith on love no one supress..
This is what i want to explain...
Love is immortal like fountain..

This love is not online on chat...
Where you think all is on gat..
By force can't you bound love..
This is the thing that all on above..

Love is not doles of a millianior...
Love becomes only for a holier..
It's a subject full of maths....
One & one spleen makes a raths...
That like the love counting always...

Comments about Affection

Beautiful poem, Thanks for sharing.
My love! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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होली है भाई होली है।।।
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