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# 'Affection Vs. Seduction'
DD (February 28,1980 / Philippines)

# 'Affection Vs. Seduction'

Poem By Daffodil Decarie

It was 3 a.m I remember
Sitting on the floor cross legs tied hope
Until 6 a.m cramps started to crawl
And I begun to wonder about afternoon
Trash cans in classrooms. Did you call?
No. My voicemail yelled, 'zero'
Mottled heart - fizzled phone.
Umbrageous - a soliloquy clamored
Unknown caller I.D.'s one after another, I
Exhaled- feeling like a cragfast epithelium.
10 years went by after a single sigh
Sailed endless seas. Caught by surprise
How patience swanned my bigotry
Would you really? No, you won't. Yes
Maybe you'll phone me one day.
I never learned how to win this game
In my ears desire echoes, your smile
Whispers, 'You love it- you love me'.
All you know is that you hate me unsex
Days you feel neutered. You're weirded out why
Belly touching your skin end-less poignant.

Pensive! These quaint memories kicked off
Like fireworks disney's winter wonder
Land's wild dreams will never see.
6 a.m my mind winded a sulking male puzzle
I sat with cramps crawling outside -in- to you.
Brainsick- I slept with aphrodisia disgruntled.

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nice piece of poem...............