I Can Give You Only Bright Colors Of Love

It's a privilege
To stay
Your w...e
I've never felt so good

Oh, so sweet
Is our little sin

We grow up
Together in it
In to the new beginning
In to the life

We are
As we are
That's all because
You are so beautiful you
And you let me be
Your w...e

You have a gift
To change the meanings
Of the words
My baby
My love
How it's sweet
Your c..k
In my mouth
Let's start again
I wish to have you
In my hand now

We were there
In our small room
And we did
As we want
Yet still
So little me
You let me to show
To you
No time, no place
To use all charms
We have to meet again
But I'm afraid
We wont have the time to lose again
And I'll need just to taste you, feel you
And to be your girl

It's just suddenly I felt
Unsure a bit
Am I great enough
To be your love
This lady you need
Your queen
I can be your w...e
Yes, this I can

I hope you were satisfied of me this way
Did my mouth work well for your pleasure,
Or should I learn more?
Tell me
I need to be your perfect whore
I need to give you the best love
I wish this and I want to know
How to give you more
And more

I forget to show you
My dance
We have to start again
This romance
You have to see me
Dancing for you
It's the part of the secret ritual
You have to see
I'm princess too
For you

But to be your w...e
Was so good
You know
And I wish to be like this
Yes, my man

I love to finger my self
Thinking that it's you
Doing it so sweetly
I love you
Doing it
To me
And in all of those places
Such a wonderful things
We create
Being together
I miss
Your smile
The way you move
Our steps
Harmoniously connected
Your arms on my waist
Holding me tight
Your hands in mine
Our kisses in the crowd
On a bus on a tube
And your face
Your eyes watching me now
My beautiful
Oh, how beautiful
You are.

I never gave you any chance
To feel real loss of me
You do not know than
How violently but merrily you could
Keeping me inside
After my depart
I'm not strong enough
To give you this
I've never been strong enough
To leave
As you did to me
I'd never know
How much I love you
And have you
If you never tried
To tear us apart
For a while.

I should let you know
All colors of love
But I'm not able
To do that at all.

But you too
Never do this to me again
It's too sad
We live too far for this
To hurt each other this way
We have our own distance love
For years for now
And this is enough
To miss and to live

And to keep it within
As a treasue and our own dream
Don't you think?

by Anna Cellmer

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Nice piece+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
The earth that made the rose, She also is thy mother, and not I. The flame wherewith thy maiden spirit glows Was lighted at no hearth that I sit by. I am as far below as heaven above thee. Were I thine angel, more I could not love thee. - - - - - - -Her affection is as natural as the earth Eearth is the spring of all emotions that define every one.Notwithstanding any distance or difference in social standing or any other barrier, her affection was genuine.If she was chided for a feeling so natural, she has no defense and she wishes to be endowed with strong will power to control her emotions. A poem about every human being as such emotions are common to all.
Loved the concept and flow. Very nice. Thanks for sharing.
Controlled passion, artfully captured and communicated. A lovely, heartwarming piece.
an understanding of one's feelings about place.
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