(23 September 1861 – 25 August 1907 / )


There are other ways in which to express.. happiness,

An emotional rush from young love's first crush

or a royal flush…

But strange thoughts come when you're on your own,

when you're all alone.

Deep inside life where the souls are grown…

Where questions become part of the long endless days

the why? and the where? ..who to blame? , who to praise? ,

To the hollow retreat of the slow, silent hours,

and hushed voices whisper of far, higher powers.

Somewhere the strain of some far-off song,

And you look for truth but the truth is wrong

As the light fades out still your eyes can see,

past the shadow to the soul of your destiny.

Past the trials always there in each day's hot strife,

past the greed and the grind of a selfish life…

To that breathless, haunting beauty of a life divine,

in between the light and darkness where your mind grows fine;

Where you seek to learn what is kept unknown…yes...

Strange thoughts come when you're all alone…

Copyright by © Liddy Lu - December 2008

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But if you chide me, I am a weak, defenceless child beside thee. // beautifully penned
Nice piece+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
The earth that made the rose, She also is thy mother, and not I. The flame wherewith thy maiden spirit glows Was lighted at no hearth that I sit by. I am as far below as heaven above thee. Were I thine angel, more I could not love thee. - - - - - - -Her affection is as natural as the earth Eearth is the spring of all emotions that define every one.Notwithstanding any distance or difference in social standing or any other barrier, her affection was genuine.If she was chided for a feeling so natural, she has no defense and she wishes to be endowed with strong will power to control her emotions. A poem about every human being as such emotions are common to all.
Loved the concept and flow. Very nice. Thanks for sharing.
Controlled passion, artfully captured and communicated. A lovely, heartwarming piece.
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