Affectionate Fate

As night falls, shadows gets tall.
I felt fear, while danger is near,
Looking down all frown, looking down on the ground.
My heart may be fool, if it is, then it must be cruel.

Why me, why her, why our heart live like this?
Who knows, we can't move with our weak toes.
But when I see you, to me, I am not value.
Our hearts connects like magnets, wondering how it connects.

Our hearts felt each other, we first met each other.
How can this be, how we love each other like bees?
Its got to be fate, fate got me through the gate.
I don't believe in fate, but I have unknown faith.

Cannot understand this fate, but its to late.
Wait, its not to late, my heart has good rate.
Not from the past, but this cast.
I go for whats inside, not the outside.

I chosen her, she chosen me.
Flock of loves came, and gone above us.
It won't stop hover above, unless fate stops my heart of love.
I doubt that it would stop, but problems may soon be crop.

Lifes is tough, and it'll get rough.
Couples between us, that god had made us,
we can make it, we just have to face it.
We will stay together, as we stay love each other....

by Mathew Cruz

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