Affectionate Scene

Every time I saw your picture,
I have missed the train.
As I lay eyes on you picture,
flashes starts in my mind.
One of them is romance,
that you and me, sat down together
and adoring each other......

In the future, as you run to me,
I will catch you, as you run to me.
I cannot go and eat and sleep.
Because I can't stop thinking about you,
When I try to go to sleep.
I'm just happy somehow.

While in school, as I am teach,
I kept thinking about you.
In my mind, I still see the romantic scene,
about you and me together,
as we adoring each other.
Then my teacher asked me,
that I am day dreaming.
As I woke up, I was surprised,
that I love you.............

by Mathew Cruz

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