SM (Apr 02,1976 / California)


Afraid am I everday that I look into the mirror
knowing that another piece of me has died.
And forgotton is she the person they see is
not me but a shadow they reflect on me.

These shadows that those I choose to leave nameless
with glee have relayed into a pattern that I wish I could
release with ease. But I cannot you see for all the shadows
that have become a part of me are what I fear you see.

Time is not a release for me for the word afraid is still a big
part of me. I thought with age I would come to see that all
those silly fears I could slowly release from within me. But afraid
I remain to be, even with all the knowledge of age. Please here
my plee from within me.

Afraid is a word that if chosen by me would not be a part of me.
But yet somehow the word afraid for so long has been relayed
into my brain and seems to be all I can seem to retain.

Afraid am I to say how I feel inside.
Afraid am I to love another with no guilt inside.
Afraid am I to push forward & leave any part of me behind.

So be clear what it is you want those around you to hear
because for me fear would not be clear if it where not for
those that I call dear. Fear is a ideal that has become real
in all that I feel. Tomorrow is unclear but for me the fear is real.
Do not allow those you hold dear to ever feel any fear.
Make it clear that you will always be near if nothing else
comes of all my fears let this one thing be clear let no
one stand alone in fear.

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yeh sharmila u rote it rite. fear n anxiety controls us all these days.every step that we take and i take is controlled by fear and we all are AFRAID if teh step is really ought to be feared even if its olrite! ! i really liked ur poem and yes u told me rite dat i gotto find the answer myself and give conclusion to every questions dat arises so it has the perfect answer. thanx alot. Keep in touch