HAJ (21 may 1965 / kuwait)

Afraid About You...

busy to you..
in thinking of you...
and try to escape in thinking of you..
to find myself falling in my dream with you...
inside my heart, you are..
in my eyes...
in my soul too..
escape from you..
and then found you inside me...

afraid about you, from myself...
afraid from all people,
to see you in my eyes, when i think of you...
afraid to see you in my smile..
and in my lips too..
always try to close my eyes,
to hide you in my eyes,
so no one can see you...
but they can see you in my lips...

afraid from my loving to you..
afraid that my beat heart, become so high..
and over than my mind`s whispers..
so, escape from you, in my heart..
to found you in my mind...

every thing will disappear..
and become nothing more important..
in front of thinking about you..
and the only you, whom still in my mind..
and in any idea in my thought..
or in any look in my eyes..
even every smile in my face, you are..
and you only, whom still inside me..

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Comments (11)

When we are in love, we should be ready to face any circumtances. Lovely piece so romantic. best regards, jdh
Your poems are so precious and beautiful Is it your wife you write about, girlfriend, crush? WHO! im gonna go crazy xD
Love is so precious... afraid of what? if we love love feeds us with everything we need... Nice doing!
Hazem. It's the honesty & torment of being in love, she's a lucky woman. Tina
afraid afraid afraid! ! ! ! do not be afraid just look into those 'eyes' regards anju
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