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Full Body Exposure

The silhouette of a goddess
Able to expose without exposing
The anatomy of the female structure…
Can take a perception and reconstruct you..
The words that outline the form…
Verses shape the intellect…
Lyrics that sing the profile of the unseen…
The libretto that excites the libido…
Attention to detail is the key to
Understanding the mentality …
Formality is necessary
To leave the imagination
Free to desire the emotional
Commitment that comes with
Touching the creation of tenderness…
Getting close to the deepest parts of you
Translating the reasoning of your
Examination of goals and ambitions
Surveying the wants and needs
Are imperative…
Look into the mind
The physicality your appetite
Wants to savior…
Can be satisfied by
Knowing the psyche
Comprehension of power that is held
Between the lobes of her genius.


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