WLL (12th March 1963 / Liverpool)


This continent
as old as time

Where a fireball sun sets
And throws deep red beams
across the Serengeti

Where Mount Kilimanjaro




The Eye of God
in all His majesty
Surveying all that
He can see
Over His land


Were wildlife
play out their games
of Life and Death.

It's hide or be hunted
Everyday the same -
this survival game.

The lion stretches out
his paws and yawns
The hippos wade
until the break of dawn.

And the pyramids
of the Northern lands
are guarded by the ancient
Sphinx of Giza.

She views,
in her timeless silence
once again -
the Egyptian vulture

with his yellow head,
and pure white
feathers of snow,

glide over the valley
as he has always done
eons ago.

And the Sphinx
this silent,
ancient Goddess
seems to nod,
a nod of approval

Her paws stretching out
across the sands of time.

This ancient land
where the sun
always shines.


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This has a nice flow to it. The narrative is not a diatribe (which I expected) but a plain case of laying your cards on the table. This works very well Wayne on a romantic and structured level.