The global economy
Grips you tight
As the cheap source of materials
A marketplace for its output
Yours confronts the quota
Because you are Africa!

The global ear
Focuses on you attentively
As their inspired wars continue
Creating deep cleavages within you
They jibe over the sad story
For peace is not for Africa!

The global nuclear plants
Look at you as filthy garbage
The rubbish pit for radioactive wastes
For sufferance has a place in Africa!

The proselytiser
Disseminates the word with gravity
Hoping to cleanse you “white”
For black and sin are equal
Does he do the same at home?
No! For Africa is the devil’s den!

The global eye
Searches you cynically
Thinking you’ll blacken everything
As you step on to their soils
Do you do the same to them?
No! For Africa is inferior!

The global medical technology
Awaits you at their airports and docks
For you are laden with lethal diseases
Because you are from Africa
The cradle of all ailments!

Friday,5th May 1989.
Chirunga, Zomba, Malawi.

by Isaac Maliya

Comments (2)

Africa is composed of lands and human beings. The human beings there must be really treated with a humane treatment!
Tha pain and cry of Africa is visible...nicely written..10++