Woman, your name is divine and sweetening..
Lest why do we call your name with reverence.
You are beautiful, far beautiful than the gardens
Evergreen in the width of obvious noons.
Woman, your strength is infallable.
Your wit is undeniably our source of life.
Your heartbeat is the thunderclap.
And your whispers are the cool wìnds.
Blowing beauty and serenity all day.
When you smile the stars glitter with joy.
Dashing northward to the white heavens.
Your breath is fresh like sweet odour of roses.
Our farms are fertile and our yields plenteous.
Blackness means fertility, blackness means pride.
Your neck is adorned with gold and bracelets diamond.
Your anklets are made of corals.
Your black skin gleams than the sun.
Africa, that's what you are called.
Barren woman with million offsprings.

by Pius beeps Adamu

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