(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

Africa, Africa! !

Africa, Africa! !
I am as lonely as the dust of the dawn;
Seeking my way through with the dew as my drink.

Africa, Africa! !
The Prince is about to dance,
But i have been too long in the rain!

True love!
The evidence of my sweet love is all around you.

A legal stand!
To read the signs always before taking any step forward;

True love;
How beautiful are your feet in your shoes?
Able to meet meat the corner of the street.

To grab life with the horns! !
To learn from the facts.

True love!
I am a special treasure to you;

Sunday to the First and, Saturday to the Seventh! !
It feels like the first time together.

Africa, Africa! !
With the state of my mind;

Accidents and incidents!
The slippers of the Goddess cannot fit a child;
Because, the nest of the Devil catches many.

The test of life,
Coming from West Africa;

Facing this new day of life.

Africa, Africa!
With a moment like this;
Expressing my mind to the world.

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Dedication from Africa. With the muse of my mind.