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Africa Is Beauty
EK (29-09-1996 / Imo State.)

Africa Is Beauty

After many years of plea
To mother Africa
To show me her naked beauty

Just today, she flanked it
In human flesh
Ay! my heart beats

I lack much words to praise thee
For I wish my heart can shout
So you will see the contents of her store room

Little princess
Your beauty is priceless
And like the wake of the day

It illuminates my heart
O God, your hair is the glory of my mothers
Your forehead is the reflection of Africa's holiness

Hey! These eyes are what gave our men victory
At the sight of war
They're the nucleus of their strength

With them our mothers brought the world below their feet
If kisses were meant for the eyes
Yours made of Africa would be a constant topper in the Guinness Book

Your nose I will name Perfection
The best among all colours
Don't accept touches to avoid sacrilege

Chai! Your lips are so happy
Thank God they refused to spare
The 32 Angels that sing before His Majesty

My goodness, I remember one of my ancestors
Who died before this lips after a sip
Please, blink them once more for their potency is real

Your smile is medicinal
Your jaws and ears are curatives
Ewo! Guide jealously your hands
They're the miracle the world needs.


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