Africa Lost

Poem By Nicholas Mark Tredger

(This is a poem about what has happened in Zimbabwe, a place that I loved and lived in through my childhood, and was forced to leave)

for that first child
that nursed at your breast
has fosaken you.

for he has robbed you
of your naked innocence,
and clothed you in artificiality.

In the flashes of lightning
I saw what might have been,
gone now in an instant.
In the crash of thunder
I heard you rage at the inevitable,
but sensed the futility that wears you down,
year after year.

I stood in the rain for a time
raging against the storm,
but now I only have my tears
to join yours gently falling,
in the pain of what is lost,
and never will be again

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i hpe you can find and restore in time...wait..someone from Kenya is coming..

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